Magorum Friends

Discover the surprising History of the Magi and why it is part of the history of Milan.

The official home of the Magi is in Milan. Information, Documents, Events and Organization that will allow you in an easy and direct way to know or possibly participate and protect in first person a Milan history, a millenary history!

“I’ve always had an innate curiosity for everything…

The Internet has greatly facilitated and speeded up my thirst for knowledge.

Before the internet became in fact the main source of information for all my needs, to understand the news, events and the city that hosted me, to grasp the particularities and the most intriguing stories, I informed myself on magazines, TV, I asked the most varied people for information and news about that place, about that basilica, about how old that wall or that castle was.
Now you can directly search for this or that information that had intrigued me or information on that particular topic.

It was a very pleasant evolution that I welcomed with pleasure. Then I realized that there was the other side of the coin.

I realized that I could search and get anything on the internet, but that most of the information, the valuable ones, was not easy to find.
I understood that there was information manufactured directly by software, by algorithms programmed for this purpose and that where they could not find that information or answer to the question … They would have invented it.

Milan my magical city

I was interested in stories of the ancient city, what of the city had survived and what had been rebuilt, because in some cases there was talk of an imperial seat in Milan and precisely at the time when Constantine cleared Christianity from the persecutions that had characterized it for centuries and which traditions and customs had remained intact from before this period.

I wondered how it was possible that in the last 600 years the procession of the Three Kings had been organized without any interruption with such determination or why on top of the basilica of Sant’Eustorgio (which was the first Duomo in Milan) there was a comet instead of the Cross.

I realized that many people actually found themselves having the same curiosity. You know what?

Some of these people have gathered in an association based in the Basilica and have begun to collect and publicly give access to all this information, historical documents, photos and access to public events that put together give a picture that would seem almost magical if it were not that it is intertwined with the history of the city and that often manifests itself in documents, traditions, paintings, art and archaeological finds that start again from Milan in large part but that we find all over the world.

Stay up to date.

We recommend putting a simple like to our page on Facebook or memorize the site, so you will be automatically updated on all events, the parade, communications and you can meet and participate in meetings with people like you who share the same curiosities and who like you would like to deepen the topic.

You too can be the bearer of unique information with friends and acquaintances and actively contribute to spreading and protecting this part of our history.

Gli Amici dei Magi are a recognized association that has as its president the parish priest of Sant’Eustorgio and based in the same basilica but which is composed of volunteers who want to help preserve, spread and protect this millennial message.

The few annual meetings always rich in discoveries, documents and unique and very fascinating testimonies and are held in the spectacular environment of the basilica of Sant’Eustorgio in the chapter house, a few tens of meters from the huge sarcophagus arrived 1600 years ago from Constantinople and the relics of the Magi next to it preserved.

Become a “Amico dei Magi”

Registration to the Association “Amici dei Magi in Sant’Eustorgio” costs only 10 euros for 1 year of participation, allowing you to access firsthand the events, testimonies, documents and the historical procession of January 6th.

A pizza and a drink do not last a year and will never give you access to this series of experiences.

The Association has exceptionally decided to guarantee those who register online through the site. BY 1 July 2019 A very useful gift for the whole family: an exceptional publication on FRONT AND BACK TABLE of measures 60cmX45cm with all the information on STARS, PLANETS AND COMETS AND WHAT WE SEE IN OUR SKY WITH A PRACTICAL AND COMPLETE LANGUAGE.

You will also be GIVEN a very recent publication by our association on the Iconography of the Magi in Christian art (by Laura Ferrari Bardile), bound and packaged in coated paper.

Full refund of membership in the Association within 60 days in case of dissatisfaction or unilateral decision of the user.
A COMPLETE AND UNCONDITIONAL TOTAL GUARANTEE to protect the member who will be able to know this reality with greater tranquility and then decide INFREEDOM. An email to the association with identification of the member will be sufficient and the amount of the registration will be returned via PayPal.

Our interest is MAINLY ON PEOPLE AND MESSAGE and not on economic contributions.


How do I sign up?

Click on the web button Subscribe Now and fill in the few required fields including the check mark for the processing of personal data. You will be sent to a web address to make the payment by PayPal or credit card, fill in the fields to pay the minimum contribution of 10 euros for registration and you will be registered.

What are the payment methods?

After filling out the form you will be automatically sent to online payment with PayPal where if you do not have an account PayPal connected to your email you can simply pay by credit card directly with the form provided by PayPal.

If I need an invoice/receipt?

After payment you will receive confirmation of registration by email, at the same email you will receive receipt of the payment that will have tax value.

How can I be informed about the association’s initiatives or participate?

Once registered and paid the fee you will be automatically added to our member database and you will receive information via email, and in certain special appointments also via whatsapp comfortably on your mobile phone.

Not satisfied?

Our interest is MAINLY ON PEOPLE AND MESSAGE and not on economic contributions. An email to the association with identification of the member will be sufficient and the amount of the registration will be returned via PayPal without any problem.

Still undecided?

We are a recognized organization, we are based in the basilica and the president is the parish priest of the basilica.
All our knowledge and proceeds will be made available to the needy and to the church.
In addition, for a limited period you will be entitled to a gift shown above, in short, it is the right time!


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