The tradition of the Magi Procession , that starts from Piazza del Duomo and goes as far as the Sant’Eustorgio Basilica passing by the church of San Lorenzo, is one of Milan’s oldest traditions.

Since the Middle Ages, the parade of the Magi’s procession is one of the favorite events of the Milanese people, who stand by all along the whole itinerary. The children are particularly enthusiastic: they enjoy the sight of the elaborate costumes , and of the animals that take part to the parade.

The procession of the Wise Men is a very old tradition that deserves being preserved
that is why the Magi’s Friends Association was founded, for the purpose of supporting all the activities that are focused on keeping alive and divulging the Magi belief that has been preserved by the Sant’Eustorgio Basilica for centuries.

The Basilica, one of the most ancient churches in Milan, was built in the area of an important Paleochristian necropolis dating back to the Roman times, whose remains are under the central aisle. central.

Bishop Eustorgio, head of the Milanese diocese in the middle of the fourth century, obtained the Wise Men’s relics from the emperor of Constantinople and took them to Milan, where they were preserved in the Basilica. In 1162, when the city was invaded by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa , the relics were moved to Cologne, but in 1903 some of them were brought back to Milan thanks to Cardinal Ferrari.

The Wise Men’s symbol is the eight-pointed star on the pinnacle of the bell tower . It was only in 1220, when the church became a Dominican monastery,that the Basilica was given the present three-nave structure with vaulted ceilings of the same height and pillars with rich decorations.

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